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The New 2021 Mug Club Membership $100
Purchase now and your benefits for the next year start today!
Here's what you get:
  • How would you like 22oz beer for price of a pint?  (37% more beer with every pour!)
  • A free pint for every new draft flavor we release and we release a bunch.  Those creative brewers!
  • One dollar-off beer and kombucha drafts on Wednesdays ALL YEAR
  • $2 off Timbucha Kombucha 64oz growler fills
  • $2 off any Beer 64oz growler fills
  • $1 off all 22oz bottled beer
  • $1 off a 1lb bag of FBC's high-octane Liq-Mo® coffee
  • 10% off all food menu items at any FBC Taproom
  • 20% off specific retail items (shirts, hats, sweatshirts and glassware)
  • 20% off FBC's craft soda
  • 25% discount on all in-house ticketed events at any FBC Taproom
  • And you get to KEEP the MUG at the end of the year, or you can renew it.
  • Membership has it's Privileges! 
Are you ready to pull the trigger?  

Whether you’re stocking up for a gathering at home or sharing a pint with friends here at either of our tap rooms, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that the beer you’re enjoying was made close to home by aficionados who share your passion.

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