* Note this page shows the Fairport taps only.  We have an additional 42 taps in Rochester at 1044 University Ave that are not posted.  

OUR BEER: High-Honored Brews. Honoring a Great Community.

Fairport Brewing Company is proud to offer our artisan, hand-crafted approach to brewing the highest quality beer using only the best ingredients. Our brews honor the heritage and pride of our local community in Fairport, NY.

Many of our brews have received high honors at the World Beer Championships. We’re also proud to call ourselves the first New York State farm brewery in Monroe County.

We have 11 rotating beers at our Fairport Tap Room with a three tap Timbucha Kombucha Fill station; we have wine and liquor. We have 46 taps at our University Location.

Whether you’re stocking up for a gathering at home or sharing a pint with friends here at either of our tap rooms, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that the beer you’re enjoying was made close to home by aficionados who share your passion.

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