FBC Musicians Booking Sheet

Thank you for your interest in playing at Fairport Brewing Company.

This booking sheet is like your calling card, it will help us evaluate your band to determine if there is a good fit for the both of us. The booking sheet and the information you submit on it will play an important role on bookings, so, please put your best foot forward.  If instead you would like to make us a proposal which is for new bands, musicians or people that just want to play for the fun of it, please use this new page called Musician's Proposal.   

We read all completed forms. If you don’t hear back from us it doesn’t mean we didn’t get your information, it just means we don’t think there is a fit for us right now. However we will keep your info on file and if things change we will give you a call. Please remember we have a strict process for booking bands and our bartenders are not part of the process, so please refrain from trying to involve them.




Fairport Location (on the patio-outside) is weather dependent. Which means it’s all or nothing. So it’s up to you if you play or not. We don’t move the music inside if it starts to rain. We don’t supply tents, but we do have a bose system that you can borrow for the night which has worked for many artists over the years. If the weather is good, it’s always a win/win. We supply a decent crowd over the summer months. We do allow musicians to play inside all winter at no charge/tips for those honing their craft (we even supply the beer as a stipend - Please talk to your bartender to make sure the night is open. 425-3003.

University is an indoor venue it's pretty big, we can hold up to 249 people.   We are hidden off of University and do well with bands that have a solid following. We have a full stage, and sound. (please make sure you evaluate our sound ahead of time because there is no sound guy on call when you play). We can answer questions ahead of time.  If you are willing to play for the door, we ask that you supply someone to collect for the band.  We will supply the cash drawer and the podium. 

Available for band use! Subject to change

• 12-Channel Pro FX Mixer Board
• Casio Keyboard CDP S100
• Four Stage Monitors
• Two Sets of Three Mains Four Microphones
• Stands Vintage Rogers R380 Drum Kit


Whether you’re stocking up for a gathering at home or sharing a pint with friends here at either of our tap rooms, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that the beer you’re enjoying was made close to home by aficionados who share your passion.

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