2018 Mug Club Membership

The Class of 2018 is now complete! This is a group of people are certainly near and dear to our hearts! Consider them insiders, and consider them part of the Fairport Brewing History. The waiting list for our mug club is long, because the only way in is if someone goes out. These mugs are literally one of a kind. We are now in our 5th generation and pictured below is the limited edition 2018 mug. Sorry, non of our mugs are available for sale to the public. If you want to get on the mailing list, send a note to info@fairportbrewing.com New for this year. Mug clubbers can now sign out their mugs for a chance to compete monthly in our photo contest. The rules are simple, voted best picture of you and your mug wins free beer for the month, and if your picture is voted best for the year, well, you get free beer for the next year! Now go have some fun with your mugs! Remember to post your mug shots to #FBCmugshot Welcome to the Class of 2018! And remember, don't break it!