We did it! You did it! We have just raised our Kickstarter goal of $25,000. This has been such an incredible process. It starts out about raising funds, but as time goes by, the fund raising gives way to a reality that is far more profound than any amount of money. Thanks to friends who pledged for no other reason than friendship. Your support has touched us more deeply than we can say. Our friends who have nothing to gain .. but pledge anyway ... just because they support the dreams of people that they care about, are true friends, today and forever, and we will never forget your friendship and good wishes for our success. Thanks to all of our new friends! Kevin Reynolds, Erin Burruto, and so many others from the Brew Crew. Without even knowing us, you guys consistently show up to demo and then rehab the new location at 99 South Main Street. We are incredulous... We could have never foreseen this kind of support and to say that we are indebted is putting it mildly. There was a lot of talk about demo and rehab "help" ... BEFORE ... demo and rehab. You guys just show up and make it happen... We are amazed and grateful beyond words! Thank you to those merchants and neighbors who pledged for the sake of helping to build a "destination business" in Fairport! Our dream is to build a business that helps to expand economic opportunities for our village, our town, and the communities that surround us. We promise you that we will hold up to our end of the bargain and work hard to build a thriving business that brings to our Fairport neighbors every economic opportunity and benefit possible! Thanks to those of you who supported us just because you supported us! There are so many names that we do not even recognize and we are grateful to you for every single pledge. Thank you from all of us at the Fairport Brewing Company! And last of all, thanks to our families. To all of our family (near and far!) for their support on Kickstarter, especially Paul's wife Holly for her "jaw dropping" pledge and to my sister Cheryl and my mom Bert Garman for their generous pledges! Thanks to my sister Lori who volunteers every weekend to work behind the bar during retail and then to demo and rehab! My brother Jeff who is my right hand man - regardless of job or hour. My daughter Jordan who came home from law school on weekends to man the taps. My wife Brenda who has given up working her own business these past couple of months to help us get this project off the ground and stays up past midnight pulling together so many details. Our families are our best support and we can not even begin to thank you enough! Thank you to every Kickstarter Backer!! You have your own reasons for backing us and we are grateful and determined to return your faith in us! Thank you Kickstarter Backers from all of us at Fairport Brewing Comapny for your support and your friendship!!!!!