Written on Friday 9/21/18 1:55am


The Move!

Is it over yet? Almost. It won't be over until we are serving 100% gluten reduced beer in Fairport. It's coming, we are stockpiling it, but we need a couple more batches to feel comfortable that when we do bring it back, we won't have to substitute again. We will make an announcement soon on the date of the tap takeover. (We have to change out all the lines to make sure they are gluten-free) And thank you for your patience, this has taken way longer then we originally thought.  

Upgrading to Gluten Reduced

We have been brewing Gluten Reduced beer for a few months now, and we are having great results. One of our bartenders can now drink our beer, how cool is that!? Others with gluten sensitivities have reported absolutely no issues, so we are super excited that this upgrade was the right thing to do. The best part is that you don't even miss the gluten! BTW-Every can of beer we are serving at the tap rooms now are Gluten Reduced.  

Crown Jewel BuchaBeer

The Crown Jewel (Named after what Fairport historically has been referred to on the Erie Canal) might just be the healthiest beer in the world? We don't know for sure, but we can tell you it is 86 Calories/12oz can, 5.6 carbs, probiotic, over 1000% B-12, 4.1 ABV and you guessed it, Gluten Reduced. It is a Belgian wheat infused with a peach/citrus kombucha. If you haven't tried it, you should. Just ask your bartender, it's getting a lot of attention. This beer is alive!  

1044 University Ave

We are doing a soft opening this weekend opening Friday at 3pm-12 am and 12pm-12am on Saturday. Since you are an insider, you should definitely come out and check it out. We are moving to a similar schedule as FBC/Fairport but since everyone is now working in the one space, we might start opening earlier, like 3pm. We will be serving food at some point, once we get settled. And we are getting close to being settled, we hope.  

False Allegation

Ahhh, a new beer we released at University today. It's a Vienna Lager. Are we allowed to have some fun?  

Leaving Fairport

Two words. We're not.  

Double the Fluff, Double the "INCIDENT"

OMG another "Fluffy Incident?" We released the Double Fluffy in 16 oz cans this past Thursday. We have a limited supply and we are holding them hostage at the University location in hopes that all our insiders come out to check it out.. It's also on draft, with its younger brother, Fluffy. Come check it out. BTW-These are all gluten reduced!  

Thank You

Once again, sorry for the lack of updates over the summer, we have been literally working 24/7 to get things done. Thanks again for your support we are hoping to be 100% back to "normal" real soon. In the meantime if you know of anyone, we are looking for another brewing assistant and really great people to bar tend at the new location. If you know anyone, please have them contact us. Info(at)fairportbrewing.com Good night!