Do you believe in win/wins?

What about win/win/wins? We do, and here is how you can be a part of this. We are trying to raise money for the Lillis family trip to the Winter Olympics so they can watch their son/brother compete for the gold.

It's our goal to raise $15k

Not all Olympic athletes make it to the Olympics. They can be on the team but they have to be the best of the best to be chosen by Team USA to go. Four years ago Jon just missed out on getting picked. Today, Jon is #1 in the USA in the freestyle aerials sport. Take a look at this video, this is what he does.

To get to this point where their son Jon was even eligible to be picked has cost the family easily six figures. No, they aren't rich like other Olympic families. They are just people like us chasing a dream for their kids, in a sport that costs a ton of money for one kid, but they had three in the Olympic program until a few months ago when the lost their youngest son/brother, Mikey. Through the devastation of losing a son and a brother, the tears and the heartache, they all pushed on because that is all you can really do, right?It's now part of the story.

The Win/Win

Now we are asking you to be a positive part of the story. Help us raise money for their travel expenses and send that family to Korea. Please, It doesn't have to hurt either. Donate whatever you can and you are now part of the win/win. If you click on the link HERE!

Ready for The WIN/WIN/WIN?

Here it goes. We bought 20 of those hats as an incentive for people to give big. So the first 20 people that donate $150 to the cause get the big donor USA hat. There are only twenty available. Everyone will know you are the king cheese and you get to wear it everywhere, proudly. And people will ask you, "where did you get that hat?" and you can take a deep breath and say modestly, "Oh yeah, I just gave some scratch to send an Olympic athlete's family to Korea, you know, so they could watch their son compete." Can you imagine the scenarios? Someone says, "Hey cool hat!," and you reply, "Yeah I came up with the scratch....." and you fill in the blank with whatever-you-want. You own the bragging rights! Wow! So there it is. The Win/Win/Win! Lillis family wins your donation. We win by raising the money for a good cause, and you win with the bragging rights. Are you ready to help out? Click it, just click it to get started! Again seriously, Fairport Brewing Company is all about this community, we pick our causes and we play to win. We sincerely hope you can join us in helping this family financially and being a part of this story. AND we are confident that when Jon takes the gold, we are going to have a party and everyone who pitched in will get to meet him and his family. If everyone on our mailing list pitched in we could do this. Please be a part of this #teamlillis2018 story! Ok, click here to send the scratch! From the bottom of our hearts to the bottom of our mugs, cheers!