Fairport Brewing Company, Rochester’s Newest Meadery

1044 University Ave, Rocheser, NY 14607


ROCHESTER, NY (November 17th, 2021) – Fairport Brewing Company, one of New York’s first farm breweries, is thrilled to announce that it is now New York State’s newest farm meadery and will be releasing its new mead brand called Beekeeper’s Secret. The addition of mead makes Fairport Brewing one of the most diverse craft beverage companies in New York State adding to its Fairport beer, Timbucha Kombucha, Old Goat Hard Kombucha, Liq-Mo Coffee, and Craft soda.

Mead, or “honey wine,” is an alcoholic beverage that is manufactured by fermenting honey with water, and can be infused with fruits, spices, herbs and flowers. The origins of mead trace back at least 20,000 years to prehistoric Ethiopia. The drink remains a relative mystery to the average U.S. drinker, but Fairport Brewing intends to give this old beverage some new life just like it did when it pioneered it’s Timbucha Kombucha.

“Another milestone and opportunity for us to give back to our community and to our environment,” said Tim Garman, Founder and Owner of Fairport Brewing Company. “As a farm brewery we have always enjoyed supporting our local farmers and supporting New York State Agriculture, for example- 100% of our spent grain goes to a local pig farmer, and that adds up.”

Fairport Brewing Company adds the Beekeeper’s Secret to recently released shelf stable OLD GOAT hard kombucha, one of the strongest, if not strongest hard kombucha products offered in the U.S. The brewery continues a slow drip of innovative new craft beverages to the market, and with the addition of the Beekeeper’s Secret-expect more. Beverage Industry Magazine, a leading publication reporting on the innovations and advancements in the beverage industry named Fairport Brewing Company’s Crown Jewel (Kombucha beer) as one of six brands to receive “Innovation of the Year” for 2018.

Fairport Brewing Company will use only NYS honey harvested locally by its beekeepers, Jason and Jacob Wyand. The pair have over 40 hives, but don’t ask them where...that’s right, it’s a secret. Both Fairport Brewing locations will be stocked later this week with Beekeeper’s Secret, and it will soon be available for purchase on the companies FBCshop.com website.

About Fairport Brewing Company

Founded in 2010, Fairport Brewing Company is a New York State Farm Brewery located in Rochester NY, with a taproom in the center of Fairport, NY, that proudly offers an artisan, hand-crafted approach to brewing the highest quality craft beverages using only the best ingredients. Their brews honor the heritage and pride of their hometown, Fairport, NY.

For more information, or for retailers and beverage distributors interested in stocking, contact Tim Garman at 585.704.5050 or by email at tim@fairportbrewing.com.