Fairport Brewing Company is brewing up a storm in Rochester, NY.   Who would have known?

After moving it's production facility to to a much larger (10,000 sq/ft ) facility at 1044 University Ave, Rochester, NY, and opening Rochester's newest tap room in 2018 things are really coming together. 

Started in 2010, Fairport Brewing grew super-fast as one of the early craft brewers in the suburbs and it has been off to the races to keep-up ever since. 

Our Rochester location features real cool bar made in-house from pallets, lights, 50 taps, a big new "Buckingham stage" for live music, a kitchen (opening any day now), new beers, new Timbucha Kombucha flavors and a coffee roaster and that's just the beginning.

Innovation and determination is where it's at.  Fairport Brewing is Rochester's largest and one of the largest regional kombucha manufactures in New York State.  Currently selling product in nine states and winning on taste everywhere.  You can try everything at our facility. 

In 2018 our Crown Jewel BuchaBeer was picked as Innovation of the Year by Beverage Industry Magazine editors.  Think 4.1ABV, probiotics, B Vitamins, 86 calories and guilt free.  We think this could be the healthiest beer in the world!  Oh, and it tastes great!  If you look at the picture below it's that blue can on top.

Below: Jan 6, 2019 Bruce Springsteen Cover Band killed it with over 200 in attendance. 

JunkYard Field Trip's first show in the Spring 2019 on the Buckingham Stage.

You owe it to yourself to come see what Fairport looks like in the City of Rochester.  GPS it to 1044 University and find us all the way in the back by the rail road tracks one the west side of the building (we are working on signage)  See you soon!