The pledges are still rolling in! Thank you!!! We are beyond humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support! We asked for help with 1/3 the cost of the new 3 barrel system and your generosity got us there! Your post goal pledges continue to defray the cost of the $75,000 system and we have also decided to use some of post goal pledges for the rehab costs of 99 South Main. It's a cool old building and we think it deserves the TLC that it needs to be the "Gateway to Fairport". We are working hard to earn that moniker! Our volunteer BREW CREW is the BEST and when the rehab is done - we think that they deserve not only a "good clap on the back from Ima" - but a decent steak dinner and an awesome beer to go with it. (We've got the beer part covered!) CHEERS TO YOU FAIRPORT BREWING COMPANY BACKERS!!!