Why A Kickstarter Project? Great Craft Beer and Community! Craft Brew Lovers know that craft brewing is a passion .... and an investment! Bumping up to a 3 barrel system is a costly but necessary (and exciting) step in meeting demand and expanding! We are indebted to our customers and the support that they bring to the brewery every weekend and for the support that they have offered us in this Kickstarter Project! Our backers .... are ... the Fairport Brewing Company! Our vision also encompasses our community! We named the Fairport Brewing Company for the town in which we grew up, live in today, and hope to see grow and prosper. Locating in another destination would have saved thousands of dollars, but it is our vision to continue brewing our craft beer, prospering, and giving back to the community that helped make us a viable, thriving business. Skaneateles to our east and Niagara on the Lake to the west represent towns that have figured out how best to utilize and benefit from the natural beauty around them. Our own Genesee Valley and Erie Canal Side Village have just as much to offer! Every year new projects can be seen in Fairport! This spring we will have a new Promenade next to Packett's Landing. The Gazebo area was remodeled, South Avenue got a much needed facelift. The upscale Moonlight Creamery set up shop and just this spring the new yogurt shop, Yummy's, made its debut! The Fairport Brewing Company brings in visitors from all over the U.S. Our hope is that as we grow, Fairport and our surrounding communities will grow too. Maybe, with an influx of visitors to the brewery, another like minded entrepreneur, will set up shop close by, and as that success breeds more success, more and more entrepreneurs will follow! Our vision entails not only great craft beer for craft brew lovers and our supporters, but a community and brewery that thrive, grow, and prosper together! If you feel the same...We thank you for your support!   Please visithttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/705076432/fairport-brewing-company-llctoday to get involved!