The story continues, here is the update

Thank you to everyone who has already donated! It's a big deal when your kid gets on the Olympic Team, but it's a much bigger deal to see him be picked to be on TEAM USA and go to the Olympics. Donate to Team Lillis

Every bit helps

If you can spare any scratch it would be really appreciated. Seriously, even $5! We have a big nut to crack, and if many people donated we could all be part of this story. Please spread the word and help us ease the families financial pain. Little numbers add up like snowflakes! Donate to Team Lillis

A cool hat, but limited supply

We have about 10-12 hats left. If you donate $150 or more you will be wearing this cool hat! Don't wait, we don't have anymore. We had only 20 hats to start with. (And everyone will know you were the big spender) If you can do it, it's got your name on it. You can calculate the number of hats by going to the link above and counting the number of $150 or more donations. Big numbers help us get to the goal faster. In case you missed the links above....Donate to Team Lillis

Jon's brother Mikey is also going to the Olympics with Jon. This- is just heartwarming.