Fairport Brewing Company (Rochester NY) Goes BIG with Shelf Stable Hard Kombucha

Meet the Old Goat, Real Hard Kombucha!  Weighing in a a whopping 9% ABV!  Old Goat Hard Kombucha is the first of it's kind in this class.  It is available in draft at the brewery and 12oz 4 packs for take home.  It has been said, "it's gentile as a lamb, but it kicks like a Ram!"  In other words, it goes down like cool-aid, so be careful!  


The story.....

When we set out at the beginning of 2021 to make a hard kombucha that no-one would forget, we went to the extreme.  Everything on the market was very low alcohol, coming in from the west coast and had to be refrigerated.  Our goal was to go east coast big with great taste and make it SHELF STABLE!  (no refridgeration required) 

Hard kombucha, like regular kombucha can be tart and tangy, almost not palatable, but not here.  We went the extra mile to make sure this is the most palatable on the market hands down. It's available currently in two flavors, Berry Berry and a Peachy Keen.  Samples are free so come in and give it a shot!  


(Old Goat Hard Kombucha now available in 12 oz 4 packs for take home at either of our tap rooms)




*Update:  11/21/22 we have an experimental brew in Fairport on tap, called Honey Honey. Think of a Jun (kombucha made with honey vs. sugar) then amp it up to 8% so delicious!  It just could be the next Old Goat in the line.