Beer Release this Wednesday! 2/28/18

And the naming decision has been made. It's called, "Mongo.... Mango", it's a mango milkshake IPA, it's manly and we kinda like it. And since you are actually reading this (if you are NOT a Mug Clubber) if you print (must be printed) this out and bring it to the tap room, we will take 50% off your first Mongo.... Mango. But you have to say it right. Deal?

  • Sorry Mug Clubbers your first beer is on the house, no discounts on free!
  • This 50% discount is only good until the end of the day on Friday 3/2/18. (AGAIN, not for Mug Clubbers)

Don't forget it's not pronounced "Mongo Mango", it's pronounced "Mongo....Mango". There is a pause in there, so say it right Mango!


Here's the Mongo reference for those that forgot.

Hey! You can't park that animal over there!