Fairport Brewing Company was started in December 2010 by two home-brewing friends (Tim and Tom) in a rental property on Dewey Avenue in the Village of Fairport, NY. After obtaining our first federal license for the Dewey Avenue location as a brewery, we decided we were going to need more space and found the 1000 Turk Hill location (the old Crossman Air Gun factory- which is now an incubator to many small businesses). While we were waiting on the federal gov't to approve the change of address we began the build out of the brewery. Approximately seven months later on October 10th, 2012 Fairport Brewing Company received it's final license from New York State and within a couple days was open for business. Beer is an interesting product, imagine reconnecting with old friends in the community and seeing people smiling all the time. To be honest, we couldn't be happier. The support from the community has been overwhelming! We thank you! We also thank you for being patient with us as we grow with the demand.