The best weather you could ever ask November! It's so true, God loves good beer and this grand opening was the proof!

We started with the ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday at our new Tap Room (99 South Main). What a great time to thank all the people who helped us get to this point. We followed it up with food and great brew in the tap house!

On Saturday we started the day with brewery tours and a big BBQ lunch! We ended the day burning through a whopping 14 kegs of beer and had plenty more at the end of the night! (Saturday ended a three week consecutive period where we haven't run out of beer! ) The bands were awesome! Joe Fornieri and the Dynamics started us off with an afternoon of blues. Then Wyatt Kaidy's surf band Pickled Brain from Outer-space made us wish we had surfboards as they cranked it up under the tent but in the end it was Fairport's Northside Johnny that rocked four corners like never before! Imagine that!!!!!!!

It couldn't have been any better! What a great time! What a great town and what a great village! Love this place! Cheers!