With so many people having gluten allergies, we decided to drop it out of every batch.  We started a couple years ago, but never really talked about it.  It's time. 

100% of our beer, which is all made in Rochester NY  is "gluten reduced" so don't hold back, give it a shot. 



Below is the science behind it,  according to Shortsbrewing.com

“Brewer’s Clarex is an enzyme that degrades the epitopes on the antigen which causes the immune response known as Celiac disease. By degrading the responsible epitopes, the antigen is rendered harmless because there is no longer anything to interact with the human immune system. The epitopes are the section of the antigen that interact with the antibodies in people’s immune systems. To put it another way, consider a sea urchin. Now think of the sea urchin as an antigen and the spikes of the urchin to be the epitope. The prolyl endoprotease (Brewer’s Clarex) melts the spikes off of the urchin turning it into a simple, harmless tasty delicacy. Now the body is able to digest the antigen without harm.”