Little Fairport History

This is what our front yard looked like in 1912. That's right, if you were on our property back in the day wishing for a beer, and were looking across the street, this is exactly what you would be looking at. (Notice the gray sky? It's totally authentic) Seriously, looking out across that front yard kind of makes you think what an amazing statement that church has been making for over a hundred years. It really is a statement.

But the back side (I guess you could call it the B-Side) puts it in perspective...

This picture was from a post card we grabbed off ebay and the message on the back dated July 5th, 1912 was, "How are you. We are having a splendid time-" Freddy Hanna. The post card was sent to Mr. and Mrs J. Van Laoten, at 6122 Champlain Ave, Chicago, Ill. Our first thought was cool place, but what is so splendid about it? They didn't mention FBC scavenger hunts or Santini Stout or any cool drinking holes like Mulconry's or the Village Inn, not even the canal- so what's the buzz?

The rest of the story

So we googled that address to see where this post card was received in 1912. What a difference. Kind of puts it in perspective, doesn't it? We now get splendid! Yes sure do.

FBC Trivia

Little FBC beer history We named our Sinners and Saints after our proximity to the church and another IPA called the Tilted Steeple for you know what. (Check it out, it's tilted)