And the Winner's Are.....

January's Winners of the #FBCmugshot are the Latin Lovers Lighting it up on the lift bridge! Congratulations to Jon and Jen!


Runner's up, Ground Hogs Day and the Crazy Eyes of Calypso! Not really in that order. We are just too lazy to rearrange.


(In order to play you have to be a current FBC mug club member) The rules are simple, check your mug out and get a cool picture of you and your mug and post it to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the #FBCmugshot and you are automatically entered to compete. Voting is open to the public on Facebook and if you get the most votes, you win free beer for the month. All winners will compete for free beer for the year. You can enter as much as you want, just be safe and have fun. Mug Clubbers, February is here and that means a new chance to win! Go for it! Congratulations again Jon and Jen!