Hellooo Mug Clubbers! (First Generation only!)

It's just about renewal time so we wanted to give you some options to continue your membership. Your membership expires on 6/14/2015 (if you look to the right, in that yellow box, you can see exactly how much time is left) The clock is ticking!


1. You can follow this link and extend your first generation membership for only $22.till the end of the year.

2. You can retire your first generation mug, follow this link and extend your membership to the end of the year and get a second generation mug with your number on it for $122.

3. You can do nothing and let the membership expire, allowing some thirsty soul on our waiting list a shot at the membership.

Remember membership has it's privileges, see original post on the Mug Club

Anyone who does not renew their membership by the end of business on June 13th. 2015 will automatically forfeit their membership and their mug will be automatically retired. That membership position will then be offered to the first thirsty soul on the official mug club membership waiting list. Please don't wait!

Want to be on the Waiting List? Send your Name, Email and number of Mugs to info@fairportbrewing.com