Extending the term is the right thing to do.... it rewards our early adopters and protects our newest members from getting cut short.

We started the mug club at the beginning of this year. We bought 100 mugs and have sold a bunch of them so far. As a matter of fact five mug memberships were sold just last night. Originally the term was going to be just for this calendar year but as more memberships are sold we decided to extend the term until they are all sold.

(Pictured above was Steve's Mug patiently waiting for him)

"It is so cool to visit the tap room and see all these beautiful people drinking out of their beautiful mugs! It's a love fest."

The membership runs $100 for both the initiation and the years membership. Each mug holds 22oz of cold beer but the member is only charged for the price of a pint. The difference is an extra 6oz at no charge. The mugs are one of a kind and the customer gets to keep them at the end of the their membership. If the customer wants to renew their membership for an additional year they just pay ($52) the annual renewal fee and the mug is kept at the brewery as long as the membership is intact.

How to get in? Just go to the tap room and talk to your bartender?

Here's to our Mug Clubbers! May your mug always be be with you!