We are so excited to announce that we are now shipping our mead almost everywhere!  

It took a while but we did it.  So many rules to follow, but we navigated and were successful!   When you think about all the things going on today post pandemic; things like labor shortage, supply chain issues, or just trying to navigate all the liquor, wine, state, federal rules, taxes, and regulatory stuff, it's amazing anything gets done.  We stayed the course and took baby steps along the way reach this goal, but everything worthwhile takes time, right?   This project?  A year and 4 months.  

As packaging boxes arrive today, we are ready to ship through our Vinoshipper distributor, almost everywhere!  Gifting is easy too. 

We currently have two flavors, a traditional honeycomb and a limited supply cherry mead that sat on sweet cherries for months.   If you want to know the story of us becoming a meadery, just click here  Rochester, NY Mead can now be shipped  almost everywhere.  ORDER MEAD for shipping.   Or just come into either of our tap rooms.  Everything is made at our University location. 

We will continue to make small batches so if you are a mead lover, please stay close!