This community raised over $2100 for the Fairport Fire Dept.

Last year the FFD brought us an old fire helmet, specifically for FBC (you can see it in the pics below) and it was so cool that we thought we would reciprocate. When we started this fundraiser over a month ago, we built our own boot and placed it on the bar. When one of the Firemen heard about it, he donated his old boots and we were off to the races. We placed both boots around the brewery and our customers began to fill them with their spare change, but it didn't look like we were going to come close to filling those boots, so we added a FBC basket. The basket retailed for around $200 and included a mug club membership. Customers responded well and before long we were getting calls from other companies that wanted to donate baskets or merchandise to the cause! It was becoming contagious! We continued to post on Face Book and Forge Hot Sauce joined in the fun and dropped by with a basket filled with their awesome hot sauces. Next to join in to support our Fire Fighters was My Favorite Toy Box in Fairport with a basket of their own. The Fairport Mercantile brought in a hat and a gift certificate and then Genesee Waterways Center said that they too would like to donate to the cause. (Best part was none of these donations were solicited - these merchants just wanted to be a part of supporting our local Fire Department! Then Damien Mulconry of Mulconry's Irish Pub jumped in with a $100 gift certificate to the pub and bought $100 in tickets. Lorraine Staunch then donated a beautiful painting and the promoters of Fairport Music Fest donated four all day tickets a t-shirt and a really nice golf shirt. Even our bartender Lori donated a really nice bird house to the cause. At the end of the day we had many items donated and it helped us generate more ticket sales. Tickets sold for $10.  Here is Kevin wearing the helmet and carrying the boot! This community should be proud of itself. This was an amazing community effort and it shows that there is a lot of love in this community! Thanks to everyone who donated, bought our participated in this fundraiser! You guys know who you are and you are the best!!!!! Cheers!