Winning at the World Beer Championships! (Chicago)

That's right, we have been working hard to bring the medals home to my hometown Fairport and I have to say we have done well. This is a big deal for me. I have to hand it to Paul Gaurracini

Raider's Red

The first Gold EVER by FBC is the Raider's Red! I couldn't be happier since this beer is dedicated to all of us Raiders that grew up, move in, raised kids etc. here in Fairport. Since I am still smiling about this can I just say, we tied the Boston Beer Company for the Gold. They competed with their Irish Red. Yeah baby! Yeah!!!! (They spill more beer then we make all year- so cool for such a small brewery- so proud!) While we are on the subject.....Here is a sneak preview of the new Raider's Red Label

Church and Main IPA

The next Gold medal was the Church and Main named after the location of our Tap Room. You will notice there is no label on this beer, only because we haven't developed one yet. (on tap tonight!) 

Peter J, Double IPA

Named after Peter J. McDonough who was a past Mayor of Fairport NY. We celebrate him not only because he was a stand up guy who loved his Irish heritage, but he was an unbelievable community leader. On a personal note. Mr. McDonough took the time to help a screwball use creativity to get into one of the greatest Medical companies in the world, Johnson and Johnson Surgical Products back in the late '80's. From there I have had the greatest career I could ever ask for. To be honest, FBC wouldn't be here today if it weren't for his help way back then. Again, while we are on the subject take a peek at the new Peter J label. It isn't done yet, as we await the original photo so we could get better resolution (Thanks to his daughter Kissy for helping us with that!!!!) If you look at the top and bottom of the label you will see the green stripe. When he was Mayor, the guys at the DPW (on March 17th) would paint a line going from the middle of his driveway at 229 S. Main to the front steps of the Village Hall as a joke, in case he were to lose his way. How about when he needed to get the rail road crossings on North Main fixed and the rail road wouldn't return his calls. He left a message telling them he was going to park all of his snow plows on the tracks 4pm the next day if he didn't hear back. They called.

Big 'Merican

This beer won the Silver Medal. New Label below was developed before we got our rating. 89 Points, one shy of the Gold.

Apollo 8, Double IPA

Tough space to compete in since there are a million IPA's on the market, so we are really happy with the Silver Medal.

Farmhouse Cream Ale

Bronze Medal. This is near and dear to my heart. As Monroe County's first Farm Brewery (and #6 in NYS), this beer consists of 100% New York ingredients. (Today NYS Farm Breweries are required to put 20% of NYS Ingredients into their brew) To compete with a 100% NYS beer you are competing against some of the best ingredients in the world. To put it into perspective, today there are only 300 Acres of hops in NY. 150 acres were planted less than two years ago. It takes three years for hops to really start producing and there are only a handful of farmers producing grain, and only a few maltsters. So getting any medal for a 100% NYS beer is a big deal. We will continue the quest!

Trail Town Nut Brown

Bronze Medal.