Scum Jumper Coming to a Bridge Near You!

  Community Brew Date: Saturday January 5, 2013 @ 1 pm

Dark like canal yet smooth malty flavor! Coming to a bridge near you! Thanks again to 1983 grad, Tom McGuirk for coming up with this idea for a beer. We believe that it will be a hit! This Scum Jumper comes with rules: It can only come out for special occasions and it can only be sold in the 14450 zip code! In the picture to the left, it is hard to see, but the cow is looking up and it has branded with the numbers "14450." If you don't know what scum jumping is all about check out this link from the Perinton Historical Society about the Parker Street Bridge. Then you'll understand the cow in this picture! More to come on the Scum Jumper! And thanks again to Tom for coming up with this idea! We love it!     Community Brew Date: January 22, 2013 @ 6pm Back by popular demand! Doug Brainard and his award winningErrant Nymph Porter. This time we are doing 25 gallon batch. The porter was to be served this week, but since we ran out of beer last week it hit the taps and sold out in a day. Doug was on vacation at the time- sorry Doug- take less vacations! See you on the 22nd!