Happy to say we are making progress. The 3 BBL is in place and just a few more tweeks and we should be able start testing for leaks. We want to make sure everything is plumb!

In the meantime come on down Thursday, Friday and Saturday for some great home town craft brew. We only have so much so when it's gone, it's gone. We have been supplementing our supply from a really cool brewery in Hamilton, NY called Good Nature Brewing and we have added some great NYS hard cider from Blackbird Cider Works in Niagara County to help us keep the lights on until closing time. Seems to be working well and people are really enjoying it. Give us another three weeks and we will be swimming in beer!

Once the new brewery is totally in place we will resume our production tours by reservation only. We will be posting a tour request form soon. Stay tuned.

The 99 South Main Street Beautification Project is under way and we are really excited about the progress.

It has been a lot of work but as Village residents we are so excited to be a part of making out hometown an even more beautiful place in which to live and visit. We understand that the Village has some big plans for the exterior landscaping and they will be going to committee on 10/21 to discuss. Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves! We have had such great feedback on this project! Thanks to everyone who encouraged us along all weekend! Horns honking, thumbs up, and your shout outs of support from the four corners kept us going well into all three nights! Thanks so much for the support! Hometown Pride at its Best!! Here is to Fairport! Cheers!!