Beautiful Handcrafted Necklace is now on the Raffle ! June 13th!!!!  

The necklace has freshwater pearls, red agate, carnelian, glass, copper, citrine, yellow jade, picture jasper, and Amber. Made by local artist Deborah Coller of Artistic Ambitions. Creating jewelry for 30 years. " I often work in a series as I try to answer my muse. She asks what if.... and I am off on a journey. Each piece unique. My journey takes me to many places. I enjoy creating each piece, some more challenging than others but each a piece of me. I hope you enjoy your piece as much as I enjoyed making it for you." I love creating and often sign my emails Mom, Friend, and Artist. I take each of those titles seriously as a mother of two wonderful children a boy age 11 and a girl age 13 my time in my studio is limited but I spend so much time sketching journaling and asking what if even away from the studio that much of my time is spent on my art. I eat, sleep and yes dream in beads and wire....often awakened by and idea I keep a sketch book or paper handy at all times. I am also a teacher and love watching the light go on with people of all ages as they explore the world of jewelry too. I came to fairport in 1996 and am very glad to call it home it has a homey feeling like where I grew up in a small town in the adks.