About:  Kombucha is a fermented tea flavored with natural fruit juice.  The fermentation creates a natural carbonation and sweet flavor without the extra sugar found in soda.  It is vegan, raw, gluten free and has no artificial coloring or flavors.

Health Benefits: Low in sugar, rich in probiotics, live enzymes and antioxidants.  This drink is great for your digestive and immune systems.

Price:  Growler – Free with the purchase of a share!

32 oz. Weekly/Bi-Weekly Share                        64 oz. Weekly/Bi-Weekly Share 

    Winter: $210/$100 ($10/fill)                                 Winter: $420/$200 ($20/fill)

    Summer: $180/$90 ($10/fill)                                Summer:$360/$180($20/fill)

    Fall: $80/$40 ($10/fill)                                         Fall: $160/$80 ($20/fill)

    Annual: $432/$216 ($9/fill)                                  Annual: $864/$432 ($18/fill)

Length: Winter/Spring: 21 weeks/ January 2nd– May 29th

                Summer: 18 weeks / May 29th - September 28th

                Fall: 9 weeks / October 2nd - November 26th

                Annual*: 48 weeks/ From January 2nd - November 26th

Whether you’re stocking up for a gathering at home or sharing a pint with friends here at either of our tap rooms, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that the beer you’re enjoying was made close to home by aficionados who share your passion.

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