Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Granola Honey Imperial Stout

How about a limited edition rye whiskey barrel aged granola honey imperial stout? A big beer with a long description, weighing in at 10% on the Richter scale. This monster is made with Michele's Granola and "why the hell not" aged in fresh Southern Tier distilling rye whiskey barrels. The barrels used will be signed by the entire FBC Brew Crew and retired immediately after this brew and offered up for adoption. The beer is in the fermenter right now and it is causing all sorts of problems for us and others. Let's just say, it means business. Mug club members you won't want to miss this, so stay tuned for the release party. We are tapping only one keg, on one day and that my friends is for you. It's all or nothing. The rest will be bottled under our Brewer's Reserve Label.